I Chased Clouds Today

Last night we had thunderstorms roll through, nice gentle ones that didn’t chase me into Meg’s bed for safety since Dave wasn’t here to protect me.

He’s in Brazil this whole week, and all of a sudden it feels like he’s been gone for years. I don’t know how I managed his travels when the kids were small. But I guess I did somehow since they’ve both survived this long.

This morning our patio was covered in these little “helicopters”.

Do you remember playing with them when you were little?

We had a great huge maple in our front yard when I was growing up, and my dad taught us how to toss the little seed pods up in the air, and then they’d twirl down like helicopters.

We weren’t allowed much t.v. growing up, so we were left to our own devices for entertainment.

The storms left wonderful, summery thunderheads and threatening clouds for our day today.

For as much as I like photographing details, clouds send me over the edge.

They’re so magical and fanciful and beg you to daydream.

The only problem about living in a hilly region like NW Arkansas, is that it’s really hard to find a good flat area to capture these fairy tale clouds.

I wound up parking along a neighborhood street and flipping my hazards on so drivers wouldn’t think I’d passed out when they drove by and saw me sprawled on my belly in the tall grass.

I probably got a few (probably a LOT) of strange looks, but I didn’t see them, so they don’t count.

I just had so much fun this afternoon!

I wound up driving up to campus to a parking garage that had great views looking west and north, and realized that I really don’t care for parking garages that much. I get claustrophobic as I’m driving to the top of them, and I always, always forget how to get back out of them.

But they do provide excellent locations for photography.

I finished up at my favorite vacant lots over on my side of town, snapping my favorite tree as usual.

Yes, I did have fun chasing clouds today.

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7 thoughts on “I Chased Clouds Today

  1. Kate Post author

    You should see the amount of Spray and Wash I go through! ; )

    I’ve been thinking of you—did you get through those tornadoes okay yesterday? Hope your house is still standing!

  2. Kate Post author

    Thank goodness is right! I hate tornadoes and strong thunderstorms—they scare the bejeebies outta me!

  3. Molly

    Oh yes, I played with helicopters as a kid too. I play with them as an adult as well! We have a couple of those trees in our backyard and our deck becomes full of them. I will grab handfuls and drop them over the side of the deck and watch them fall, or do just one at a time, or just throw them in the air ;o) I STILL love them just as much :) Nice cloud pics!

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