DSC_2925- chasing red-tailed hawks from vacant lot to neighborhood woods before grocery shopping.

- discovering daffodils in bloom near joey’s old school. must be the earliest blooms ever.

- housing contracts paid for the upcoming school year, decisions made, eureka! moments uncovered.

- “amazing grace”  and “ode to joy” played on the baritone as i write.

- a saturday night movie date, followed by “friday night lights”  on netflix.

- miles run in neighborhoods and around the lake, weather so warm that i didn’t need my wool hat.

- bringing our girl home to watch the superbowl and all the commercials. snacking and laughing and cheering

long into the night.

- getting over a cold and planning our gardens, dreaming out loud of places we’d like to live, enjoying the

sunshine sitting on our patio, drinking our post-run gatorades.

- my weekend.



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14 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Kate Post author

    Those red tails have been giving me fits, teasing me all the time. I felt like quite the stalker that afternoon. ; )

  2. plainmama

    Sounds so great! Runs, dates, getting to enjoy your babies…. I don’t think it gets much better.

    So incredibly jealous of your weather. We were supposed to hit a balmy 40 today, but I woke to continuous snowfall and, needless to say, never got above 30. With Chicago wind that puts us at about 15. Ugh. Treadmill again. Oh well a run is a run! I will run vicariously through you.

  3. Kate Post author

    I think my running days may be numbered, at least training for half marathons: I’m calling the doctor in a bit about my left knee. I’ve been in denial for about 6 months now about it hurting when I walk up stairs ( I tackle them much like a toddler learning to walk upstairs–one step at a time). My husband saw me wincing over the weekend, and made me promise that I’d call the doc about it today. Sigh . . .

    Can you throw a snowball for me? Our family LOVES winter and snow, and living here we haven’t had any of the white stuff in about two years. We miss it. : )

  4. Jenny

    sounds delightful. I’ve started thinking about garden plans too. I always start this way – all excited and brimming with grand plans. Somewhere between now and getting stuff in the ground I lose track of time and suddenly find I’ve missed the ideal planting window. Vowing not to do that again this year. We’ll see how it goes.

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